Production Tools

We've developed easy to use tools to make producing content a breeze! Our sophisticated software automatically analyses skin packs pixel-by-pixel to automatically flag common problems. For maps we intelligently scan your world, behavior packs, and resource packs for common issues too – giving you the confidence to ship a top-quality piece of content.

A home for your content

Our custom made management system (Hopper) allows you to upload skin packs and maps via our browser-based application.

Skin Packs

Uploading a skin pack to Hopper is as easy as saving files to your PC! We automatically sync your changes using Dropbox, meaning you need absolutely zero technical knowledge when it comes to packaging a skin pack. Simply save the skins and leave the rest to Hopper! Once your skins sync with our software, you can even preview your skins in 3D (with a regular/animated/exploded view), assign titles to your skin, and upload any additional assets that you wish to provide.

When you're ready for us to review your pack - just hit submit, and we'll add your pack to our Quality Assurance Testing (QA) queue! We'll send a feedback report if we notice any problems, or we will submit the pack to Minecraft if everything is okay. You'll receive automatic updates via a Discord Bot when the status of your content changes - so that you are kept in the loop every step of the way.

Hopper - our content management system


Uploading maps is super easy too! You can create a new map using our easy to use web platform, then upload your content directly from your web browser. Our clever system will analyse your content and report back common problems such as:

  • Detection of world corruption issues
  • Detection of missing resource/behavior packs
  • Detection of erroneous game rules (cheats on, creative mode, command feedback, spawn position, etc)
  • Detection of missing or unknown behaviors that can lead certain platforms to break
  • Detection of missing strings (such as spawn egg titles, entity names, interaction text, mount text, etc)
  • Plus a growing list of more features!

If our software detects any problems, we'll provide you with a report listing all of the issues, along with handy hints explaining how to fix your content. If your content passes our automatic tests, your pack will be queued for Quality Assurance Testing (QA) by BLOCKLAB Studios.

If our QA team spots an issue - we'll send you a report back containing embedded videos and screenshots to make it easy for you to see things that didn't work for us. If your content ticks all the boxes, we'll submit it to Minecraft! You'll receive automatic updates via a Discord Bot when the status of your content changes - so that you are kept in the loop every step of the way.

Many studios who publish via BLOCKLAB Studios love using our tools and feel that it accelerates the way they produce content for the Minecraft Marketplace.

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