Our Process

We make it super easy! Here is a rough outline of our process.

Submitting Content

Working with us is easy. Here is roughly what the process looks like.

1. Create the content 🎨📦

Unsurprisingly, the first step is to create a piece of content. We're around if you have technical or content policy questions!

2. Submit the content to us 📦📬

Upload your content to Hopper (our easy-to-use web platform). If there are any technical issues, Hopper will provide handy hints on how to solve common problems. If there are no issues, it'll be added to our QA testing queue. Read more

3. We'll test your content 🤓🎮

We'll thoroughly test your content on as many platforms as possible and ensure it complies with the Marketplace policies. Our team has successfully tested and shipped 900+ pieces of content so far - so you are in experienced hands! If something doesn't hit the mark, we'll provide suggestions and a full report with embedded videos/screenshots to help solve any problems. If everything is good to go, we'll submit your content to Mojang!

4. Hang tight! 🤞😁

We automatically check for status updates every 10 minutes. We'll let you know via an automatic Discord notification when we have an update to share with you. Read more

5. Approve & Publish! 🟢🙌🎉

If your content is approved by Mojang, Hopper will send you a contract to sign. Once the contract has been signed you'll be able to pick a release date in Hopper too. If there is a problem with your content, we'll iterate from steps 1-5 until it is approved.

Your content will be live on the Minecraft Marketplace on your chosen launch date.

After your content goes live

Our tools make it easy to track the success of your content.

1. Check your sales stats! 📈🧐🤩

We provide access to a BI dashboard with daily* estimated sales updates detailing how well your content is selling. Read more

2. Read your Royalty Report 💰📊

At the end of each period we'll send you a detailed Royalty Report. The royalty report explains how many units have been sold, how much you have made, and how much you are owed. Read more

3. Get paid! 💸🥳

We pay royalties every month by UK bank transfer or via an International Wire Transfer (via TransferWise).


* Daily sales updates are typical, but may sometimes be delayed for 3-5 days if we do not receive new data from Microsoft.

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